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Every week we will introduce some members, and as we are only 1 year old on September 6th this year, everyone is fairly new to the Performance Group so I thought we would get the ball rolling.

Jim McKenna

Q. Who are you and why have you joined this group.

A. Hi, I am Jim and have one aim and thats to be a successful coach.

Q. How do you measure success?.

A. For me its all about numbers of happy athletes, athletes vote with their feet (not just run) and if we deliver their needs whatever they may be then we will all succeed.

Q. What motivates you?

Hearing back from an athlete about their run (good or not so good), particularly what went well, what didnt go so well, and what, if anything they would do differently (usually not in that

Q. Why does that motivate you?

I feel trusted, and learn from all aspects of the feedback and it helps me to adjust what we do to support. 

Q. How would you sum things up so far?

A. What has gone well is that we have grown as a group quickly, made good use of our new dashboard and I have made many new friends and seen plenty of successes, what hasn't gone so well is that we see some minor injuries that concern me, also we have not really handled the types of periodisation needed as well as I would have liked. What we need to do differently is review the injuries regularly, call on our experts to  help and maybe set up some sort of affiliated physio/strength package that helps with this and understand the cause with a view to prevention, get some clearer targets from athletes that we can work with, and with this new website we have a channel to filter in the key support thats available.

Q. What is your favourite event?

Ouch, thats probably an unfair question however it is relatively easy for me to answer, its one where we have the majority of the Group running such as a xcountry race or a parkrun or the MKPB5000 - these are the best days with everyone around.


Team Training Times & Venues

  • We hold three coached training sessions a week, on a Tuesday and a Wednesday we start at 6.15 pm and on a Saturday we start the session at 9am. 

  • The training venues vary based on the time of the year, currently we meet at the Stantonbury track for all three days and depending upon your Distance/discipline there will either be a track session or a road/grass session.

  • If you are interested complete the included form and we will forward more detailed information.

  • All members of the group have free access to our training calendar and dashboard called 'final surge' which allows you to upload/download sessions of off the calendar from/to a garmin type device.

  • Any changes to venue will be notified to members on Final Surge, and details published

     on this site.

Team Local Runs

  • Group runs take place mainly on Sunday (Long runs)  and Thursday (Progression runs) just contact team through our WhatsApp page 

* James Runs Fast 5k - 2nd July

* Newport Carnival 5k - 2nd July 2022

*Lara Bromilow sets new pb in the 10k at Walthamstow

James Tuttle (14.48) ran a confident race in windy Leicester, managing to sprint finish in an amazing 90 second last 560m which is equivalent to a 4 minute 1500 pace... looking very good as we enter the next phases of training and racing. 

7 Group members raced the Newport carnival 5k, Michael Houston (16.04) finished 3rd overall closely followed by Ian Wood (16.20) 4th and not far behind was Elle Roche finishing 8th overall and first Woman in a time of 17.04 as a great kick off to her 5k season and just behind Elle was Tom Cuthbertson (17.12) who although has moved to London & running for heathside still keeps his ties with us. 
New Member Adam Stone (17.23pb) 15th was next to cross the line with a pb being chased down by David Conway 20th (17.42). 
Steve Martin continued his steady return to form finishing 4th in 19.47 with son Matt finishing 122nd in 24.36. 
Sarah Wood returning from a long layoff had a great first run for a long time in 25.30...

Running in the sweltering heat in the first of five track 10000m races at Walthamstow, Lara Bromilow followed the pacemaker for the first 6000m. When he dropped out she latched on to the leader who was a lap ahead. Lara had a rare case of an athlete unlapping herself as she maintained her pace to the finish. Her time of 37:07.48 is more than 25 seconds quicker than the pb she achieved at the Highgate 10000m races in May. It is a club vets record and is second quickest on the Club all-time rankings.

Support Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.